Last straw on the camel’s back

a poem by Saktheee S Ravichandran

We are all camels carrying too much of load
Our eyes are shedding tears due to pain
There few seconds our wisdom will rise
From it’s sleep
Give some cautious to know the sorrows of life
She will smile and give a little pleasure
Your wisdom will be buried in to your desire
Again your eyes will shed tears
To get a little bit of relief from your heavy task
Again a straw will be removed from your back and
It will be thrown before your eyes
You will feel a complete relief
From all your burden
She won’t allow you to go out from her hands
Cause she is Maya, very powerful illusion
Her task is to keep you in her circle forever
Though a holy way is very clear and visible to you
You can’t be allowed to go in that way
Cause she is Maya, very powerful illusion
She will remove a straw not of all and
You won’t be let free from Her clutches