Saddam’s Trial

a poem by Pancholi Nandlal Kanjibhai

Who brought me to this cage
Roars the dictator in rage
Then says in firm voice
I’m free and I have my choice
So I do not obey this court
As judicial norms it distorts

(Pointing at Mohammad Amin):
I hold this Kurd as my subject
And most vehemently I object
In this matter his right to adjudicate
For Kurds are naive and dunce
And what do they know about jurisprudence?
I crushed them, curbing their insurgence
And subjugated them at once
Now this Kurd has audacity
To ask me my identity
Who gave him such authority?
A subject asking his king his name
Such rude manners is matter utmost of shame
For this insubordination
Deeming it as act of treason
I can inflict punishment most dreaded
By getting him publicly beheaded

And how am I to be brought
Under the purview of Kurdish court
Where both the plaintiff and judge are Kurdish lot
In no way this is a fair trial
But mockery of justice
And its clear denial

Where is my Skud where is my Skud?
I wanna make these Kurds swim in their blood
These repulsive Kurds are shrewd Shylocks
Rude and revengeful folks!
They want from me pound of flesh
“Alas, by night armies ignorant clash”
Where art Thou O Great Matthew Arnold
To Mephistopheles my soul I have sold

I am Marlowe’s Faustus in Eternal exile
Who hath to Lucifer mortgaged his smile
Perpetual death awaits me on gallows
As the charges are being read by these fellows

Oh no never should I repent
My valour is not yet spent
I can still kill Bush in single combat
And in fencing Blair I can beat
As a sovereign ruler of a State
I am not free to experience feeling of guilt
But instead should have my hand on sword hilt
Why this world rewards me not for my bravery
Didn’t I fight a lone battle against allies
By punching hard in their bellies
Shall no one bestow upon me accolades
For my glorious victorious acts
Or confer upon me the title of knighthood
For Gulf war’s mauves and strategies shrewd

Instead of turning vindictive why my foes do not follow Christ
Who instead of revenge on mercy emphasized
Didn’t Jesus forgive his assassins
Saying: ‘Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do’
But my adversaries relish and enjoy my waterloo

To you all I earnestly urge
Appoint some Christian priest as a judge
To whom I can confess my sins and for mercy plead
The priest carrying Holy Bible in hand
Can at least my enigma understand

These Kurds build case against me brick by brick
Hearing the charge sheet I feel sick
We can never redeem the world of sins by hanging assassins
Mercy will herald the dawn of love
And will please the Lord Up Above