a poem by Aparna Ramnath

The smallest of all,
The weirdest of all,
Yet amongst His peers,
The most loved of all.

Through the wrath of His Father,
He lost His face,
By the bidding of His Mother
Was restored with grace.

With the head of an elephant
And the torso of a man,
He draws more people
Than count you can.

Asked to go around the world,
While His brother did scoot,
He circled His parents
And won the fruit.

Immerse Him in the water,
In a well or the sea,
He rises even bigger
The next time you see.

He’s first in the temple,
The first to dine,
With His consorts and all,
He adorns every shrine.

Be it the start of a day
Or your time of test,
He demands your attention
For all things best.

He squats in His place,
Looking for a bride,
Blesses you with goodies
And serves as a guide.

In a world of worries,
He brings joy to the heart,
Once in His spell,
You can never after part.

The Biggest of All,
The Most Powerful of All,
In All His Myriad Forms,
The Most Loved By All.