Beauty Ever New

a poem by Matthew Adukanil

Beauty ever old, ever new,
Shimmering like morning dew,
Millennia too brief to know you,
Unfolding ever new layers to view.

Riot of colours, majestic falls,
Milky moonlight, music’s strains,
Sweep of planets, twinkling stars
Faint glows of your dazzling fires.

A winding road of breathtaking views,
An ocean turning bones to pearls,
A smile with a thousand ripples,
Never ending feast of thrills.

You know no ageing, or wrinkling
Graying, balding or shrinking,
Tiring, slowing or decaying,
Aching, weakening or fainting.

More thrilling than a first flight
More subtle than a feather light
More moving than an enchanting sight
An endless flow of delight.