Three girls in a friendship

a poem by Hannah

This long story was started in, guess from 1996,
A long story that says on the true bond of friendship.
Three men, oh three men are the roles of this play.

There were three men who loved each other,
Reni, Murali and Sabin,
Three from three backgrounds, but their love was true,
They were the people who loved to be always with pen and paper,
Yes, three journos!

With time, the tall fatty man Reni found it difficult to continue with his study,
Just for a joke as he doesn’t like to write,
Murali and Sabin went to tears,
Reni made a pledge to make his daughters journo,
As soon, the chunks too pledged to make their girl babies too journos, see,
They were not yet married…

Then 10 years passed without breeze,
Finally met up with their girls in their hands,
Hannah, Gauri and Keziah put up a tight smile from their cheeks,
‘Future Journos’- chunks told,
‘No, future friends,’ Murali added…