Missing You, O Best Friend

a poem by Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani

Minutes are silver,
Hours are gold,
You, my best friend,
Are dearest to my soul.

You were separated from me on an April day,
To a place so very far away
Not a day goes by when I don’t cry for you,
Even though I know you would not want me to.

You cheered me when I was blue,
Took care of me when I needed you.
When in a life’s quagmire,
You showed me the way out of every tumultuous fire.

You gave me plenty of hugs to make the sun shine,
Under the trees of maple, deodar and pine.
We were like two sparkling silver beams,
Together we made the best team!

Oh best friend, my pillar of strength
Always there for me at arm’s length
Forever attentive towards my needs,
You were the prize of my good deeds!

You were just like magic,
Neither black nor white
Filled with mighty-might,
For me you were always ready to fight!

You guided me through the scariest of ways,
“Don’t worry, it’ll soon be over”, you’d boldly say
You were my lamp through life’s dark ways
Your power pushed away trouble-filled days.
You were a part of me,
For the last seven happy years
But now that you’re gone,
I cry empty tears.