a poem by Jayati

Twisting her lips, Madam Praise
Detest Big Brother attitude of the Americans
With paper tissue blow her nose.
In Middle-East the Muslims are chaste fanatics
Paperless workers prowl on streets
While African drug peddlers hang on our necks.
Hi-fi techniques our product expertise
Copy the sly Chinese
Dampening the market chances.
Jews? Tantrums!
East European young females and the Thais
Marry innocent old men; flesh trade for cash in brothels.
Holy morons even at an age eighty; point fingers.
Detecting fault cause utter frustration;
Fifty year old spouses turn cradle snatchers;
Jet around hunting for Latinos to remain alive, amused.
Natural justification!
Poverty stricken Indians always dream;
Bribes take them to heaven;
Their body language sufficient. Draw
Conclusion serious high level men
Advisory board; Commerce.
Never emerge from ghettos;
Scarf dismiss
But forever groan
The stubborn Turkish.
In main stream life refuse to integrate.
As for the Vietnamese are but petty criminals
Black marketing branded cigarettes.
Illegal garage engage asylum seekers
Bulgarian, Hungarian, Russian Mafia’s, steal our cars
These foreigners; our clean homes damage.
Minorities but for them; the majority perpetually embarrassed.