Friends like them

a poem by Smita Ramani

All the memories I’ve left behind,
‘Are now back, flashing through my mind,
The memories of the things I did right and the things I did wrong,
Though the things I did right are few, but the list of mistakes is pretty long,
The times when I didn’t realize who were my friends and who were my foes,
The times when I didn’t see the people who made me smile when I was feeling low,
The times when I was blinded by fake smiles and expensive gifts,
And the times when I didn’t see that these were the people
Who were pulling me down by fooling me with flattery and false lifts,
Instead I stuck to these people and ignored my real friends,
And when I realized my mistake, I thought it was too late to make amends,
But these friends of mine who stood by me through the good and the bad,
Embraced me once again, when I expected them to be mad,
Today I know that friendship is a flower, and love and trust are its seeds,
And believe in the saying that,
“A friend in need, is a friend indeed!”