Friends Forever

a poem by Mukul Lukhey

Do I need to tell it my Friend?

It’s a question I ask myself today,
On this Parting day,
Where I’m sitting silent,
Thinking of you, my friend,
It’s for you, that I care a lot,
And the feelings are always real,
You form a part of every thought,
And brighten my closest dreams,
But then, unaware are you,
Of all these emotions,
And as the time passes by,
Nourishing the bond of friendship,
That seems to fortify at Snail’s pace.

I can understand the silence,
I can look beyond the revealing eyes,
I do like the smile,
Still, eyes and smile require words to convey,
And feelings remain just feelings,
unless the silence breaks.

Today, with all the courage I’ve got,
I took the chance, to say,
The day has come to let you know,
How much I care,
And what do I feel,
With these feelings as pure as my soul,
I pray,
Oh my friend, give me your hand,
That ties a bond,
A bond of friendship,
That sees no end!! Forever.

Friends Forever!!!