a poem by Teesha Guliana

You held my hand,
And pulled me out,
Of the dark alleyways,
Where I made myself,
Comfortable too long,
Only to end up with,
Being frustrated prolonged.

You were the shining Sun,
Which shone bright,
Hurting my eyes at first,
Only to end up,
Lovingly making them,
Gaze back at you,
(Now they don’t hurt.)

You were the rainbow,
Appearing in the blue sky,
After the brewing storm,
Shattered my trees,
Rooting in for existence,
And my life.

You taught my heart,
To beat in excitement.
You taught my face,
To beam in flattery.
You taught me,
To smile without a reason.
You taught me,
To pose differently in every season.

You held me up,
And made me face the winds.
You showed me,
How agony is my strength,
And my hands, my wings.

You accepted me,
You challenged me,
Through anxious times,
And happy too.

You were the stars,
Lighting my unknown paths.
Making me enjoy,
Every moment spent with you psychopaths.

You guys are the motive,
Behind my teeth shining,
Wide at the back,
Of the camera grave.
I love you all,
And I hope,
The memories never fade…