Dipu Played Carom

a poem by Jayati

Afternoon in Dhubri
Under the jackfruit tree
Three plus one
Paltu, Kanua, Devdas, Dipu
Saturdays and Sundays usually
Played carom did we.

Plastic striker on line
Target shot in place. Agile
Finger stroke, touch select. Smile!
A perfect strike inclined!
Pocket both red, white.

Plywood brownish yellow square
With nineteen wooden coins in centre
On motif mini full moon, red
Board framed, kajal black. Inside
Parallel lines run. Corners swallow coins.

High concentration in
Gait now and then spring
As the striker along with wooden
Disc fall in, it is double fine.
Players vie for wins.

Indoor game carom, board
Powdered slippery, make the striker spin.
Once again, it is a, single fine.
Power packed attention. Desire is more
Partnerships are agate galore.
Play could each of four. In game happy score.