Dear Friend…

a poem by Pragnya Paramita

Dear friend,
I once told you,
That of all things what I needed the most
I see you haven’t remembered it
And now I am feeling lost.

In that mystic world my friend,
I thought happy days
Would never get over.
And now I wish so fervidly,
I wish they had been slower.

There has not been a moment,
Of our wonderful past,
That now I don’t cherish
So suddenly it all happened,
And every thing I cared for perished.

I treasured all-
Our secrets and our feelings.
I am ever ready to reconcile
whenever you are willing.

But all the hopes lay shattered now
Reviving the dead won’t do.
Now I see a hollowness
That I never saw earlier
And I hope nor did you.

For what we shared
was so divine
and I always felt
it was a sacred shrine.

But about its wreckage I don’t know,
How much was I responsible,
How much were you.
For all I wanted was you to understand
Why I did whatever I do.

Back then you never saw it
And now you will never see.
The realisation of the responsibility
Won’t help bring back normalcy.

And I wish you will be,
(though I am not at all)
happy if you forget it all.

But remembering it would hurt me sure,
I am sorry we’re friends no more.