Coffee at Trafalgar Square

a poem by Joy

Some cool English summer eve
alone on a cold stone bench I sit
symbols of peace flutter around
swooping down noisily in doves
babes in prams look up in glee
kids play scarecrow, arms stretched out
inviting the birds to perch on their arms
couples in love cootchie coo
lost in their own sweet world
Lord Nelson eyes the milling millieu
stone lions lose their regal grandeur
incongruous in this concrete jungle
the water in the fountains
flows relentlessly
imitating the music of a forest stream.

I look around and look within
searching for a kindred soul
a hand reaches out
taps my shoulder
JOY! eyes embrace
arms reach out
I smile, pinch myself
am I dreaming I ask
you smile, clasp my hand lovingly
lead me to the coffee house
right across the street
a scrabble board tucked under your arm.