a poem by Ritu Mishra

Threshold of the new millennium,
hastened by the frenzy and flutter,
of sparkling celebrations and glitter;
And afloat the optimistic orgies,
lie charms of extravagant prophecies.

Colourful hopes, their routine ballooning;
Hollow credence to cherished dreams;
Platonic promises spilling the brim;
Utopian universe foreseen,
unlike the millennium that’s been.

The strife, the pain, and agony-
Life reduced to a litany;
Festering wounds soothed away
in anticipation of a new day;
Trifling truths fading under its sway.

What happened has long been-
Past petulance can’t be repealed;
The genesis of the future to be
lies in the present, slipping unseen;
Let today don an immaculate sheen.