India Ugadhi… Celebrations during Corona

a poem by Yerra Praneeth

Aadhi, Maadii, celebrate our Indian new year festival, Ugadhi
Smiling, staying in your Gadhi, Pooja Gadhi
Blessings will be coming to you as never ending Nadhi

Aadhi, Maadi, don’t argue as foolish Vaadhi
Don’t come out as Moorkee Vaadhi
Corona virus will enter in to your body Gadhi
Listen to the P.M., C.M.’s words coming from their Madhi
Celebrate smiling, staying in your House Gadhi, Pooja Gadhi

Aadhi, Maadi send your Wishes through WhatsApp
Thoughts, Texts, Thanks through Telegram
India welcomes New year in a Traditional way by restricting, worshiping
In our House Gadhi, Pooja Gadhi