A wish for the Christmas

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

Here comes the eve
of the Christmas night;
I wish you to be always
in my sight.
I pray to the God
with all my might
for you to be happy
forever in your life.

I am scared of the silent darkness,
I am afraid of the screaming heights
I stay away from the deep waters,
I hide myself in a tiny beehive.

I want to be brave,
I want to be friendly
can you help me,
my dear friend,
to achieve this little dream of mine,
a bit easily,
a bit quickly?

I have completed
the first week of my stupid trials,
I have managed to make
a few good friends;
it is quite difficult though,
to match up with their daily chores and changing trends.

I tried to start a short conversation,
every single day
hardly I succeeded,
I often failed.
But to say it right,
it was just the first step
I now believe that,
everything is possible,
until you keep faith in yourself.

I think positive,
every now and then;
no negative thoughts,
only a paper and a pen.

I look forward
to see noticeable changes
in my dull personality;
I want to be out
of the refined virtual world,
feel the presence of the crude reality.

I seek to be the one,
of whom,
I define the desirable destiny
how may I thank you
from the fathom of my timid heart
for motivating me to follow
the true nature of this living tree.