Who am I?

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Who am I,
a mere “I” of insignificance,
significant to have a vote,
to elect someone to gain significance,
yet remaining insignificant as “I”?

Who am I,
a mere number “0” (zero)
of no value and significance of its own,
but adds multiple value,
to other numbers to make significance?

Who am I,
a bunch of cells,
assembled and energized,
with life energy,
growing growing,
and ultimately degenerating?

Whom am I,
a babe in mother’s womb,
a child fondled by all,
grown to be a father,
a grandfather and beyond?

Who am I,
where from I came,
where am I going,
leaving lost hopes,
still having hopes aplenty?

A questioner I am,
questioning everyone for everything,
ending up questioning myself,
to find answers I hitherto looked for,
but eluded me all the while,
as I hitherto cared to question all,
daring not to question me.

No more asking
“Who am I?”
as “I” got dropped,
to join the ocean
of significance,
question and answers
are inseparably one.