Violet Infinity

a poem by Adurthi Sushana

A summer’s end, a fallen breeze, without much warning rustling trees
Begin a mastered weave as breathtaking colours masterfully blend
Before their death, brilliantly expressing natural, mystical beauty,
As spindled riddles exhale everlasting impressionable bows
To face the bitter blast of winters savage slap
Have you ever felt the bizarre combination of warm fall and cold breeze?
Whispering through naked branches once covered by leaves,
Exploring secrets of unborn, inconceivable seeds
Do you sometimes think that life’s an illusion of someone’s twisted dream?
Combining an intricate hell at heavens edge,
Listening to an endless, silent scream
A futile web, opulent womb,
Where’s the next star to vanish the scars
Have you ever driven upon dark, barren roads not wanting to cease,
Destination’s unknown as nightfall embraces you,
Safe within a moving reign, an endless path, bemusing thoughts,
Travelling through a realm of furious tales and unbalanced scales
Have you ever cried through a voiceless night?
As restless apparition and tangled indecision rule a broken heart,
Tormented emotions, the pain lies so deep, as tears fiercely decline…