Romantic Blues!

a poem by Renu

A clear sky, and tender breeze.
A lonely place, just you and me.
When the scorching sun gets hard on me,
I will hide behind your shadow,
And I know you are there for me!

A stroll in the silvery road, lit by moonlight,
With only the celestial stars at our sight;
Listening to the wind chyme,
We will walk side by side.
I know this fantasy you will bring to true life!

Hand in hand we’ll walk along the endless shore,
You are the perfect one for me
I know it for sure!
With waters of the sea, Just touching our feet,
I could ask no more, you are already there with me

Gentle showers from the grey cloudy sky,
We both together drenching in desire,
when lightning strikes,
I will hold you tight,
Promise me you will never let your love slide!