My Rose

a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

A single rose in my rose plant,
The fragile heart of love;
I choose, you from the world,
I hold you in my hands,
Oh, how one, you caught me
Ablaze of colours, apart from rest
Reflected in my violin notes;
And lured me, with fragrant scent;
Of my crimson tunes;
Silken smoothly tender petals;
And with a fragile heart,
Given my love to you,
Moistened of dew;
Touching my soul, with
Your beauty that never dies.

A feeling of strong;
A feeling of so wish;
A feeling of so special;
A feeling of love, that
I have for you neither to others

The love I feel on heart;
My single rose in world;
The sweet smile of you,
Make me to hold you
Forever on love, with love.

A song in my heart,
Shared many joys;
Felt some sorrows;
My true love on you;
Awaken me of thy! pleasures.