My Dad

a poem by Jatina Thakkar

Unbearable the moments are!!
But inevitable, the truth is.
My heart feels heavy, my head empty,
With the thought again!…
“Where… is my DAD?”

Questions so many!. unanswered!
Where can I find Him!?
Where can I get Him!?
How can I see Him!?
How can I feel Him!?

It hurts!! my heart cries.
With the thought again!
“Where… is my DAD?”
Intolerable the moments are!!
But inevitable, the truth is.
My destiny it is.
But, why me?
Maimed; I feel,
Deprived of his love and care,
Why God has been so unfair?

I crave for His touch.
I crave for His cuddle.
I crave for His glance, at least once;
But;.it goes futile.
Nothing can be done.
It has happened
I feel rueful,
I feel dejected,
I feel crippled,
Without him near me.
Why did He flee?
I feel looted.
Who has this booty?
Can I get it back?
I want it;
Whom to plea;?
To give it to me.

I wish it to be undone,
And His presence return.
I wish to go back,
And hold the moments, tight
And never let it happen right.

How can I stay in my present?
With the truth blend,
In my body and soul.
A truth from which I wish to get away.
To a place where I can say
“I love you, DAD”, with a warm touch

But inevitable – the truth is.
My destiny it is,
To be deprived off, always
With question unanticipated!
“Where my DAD?”