Just as…

a poem by Ashwin Kumar

Just as the dream reached its peak,
   The bloody alarm drove it weak!
And thy pretty face fluttered away,
   Giving way for the real day!

Just as the aroma of the caffeine dose
   Played its way thru my inner nose,
My eyes get busy with a distant gaze
   Viewing your face in a crystal maze!

Just as I get ready with great pace
   Managing my bread and shoe’s lace,
The urge to see thy refreshing face
   Forces me like a horse’s race!

Just as I reach my place of study
   Amidst friends and my best buddy,
My senses start their expectant search
   And my body feels like beaten with a birch!

Just as I find that it is really you!
   My forehead sweats like morning dew!!
The fear of others seeing me blush
   Forces a ‘hi’ as if I’m in rush!

Just as our teacher starts his chore
   And the entire class begins to snore!
It is me, who is alert all the more,
   Staring at you till my eyes get sore!!

Just as the bell goes for the hour,
   I feel like I’m out of a bar!
My buddy sees me in a condition bizarre
   And realizes the need for a great big jar!!

Just as I stagger to the café
   You’re still there in my safe!!
My buddy gets me a full coke
   And I gulp it down without any choke!

Just as I hurry, back to the dorm,
   Like a strong and long-awaited storm,
To continue the responsible duty
   Of relishing the unbeatable beauty!!

Just as the dong goes for the day,
   My eyes yearn for an early lay!
And waits patiently for that night’s dream
   Where I can be with you without any scream!!

Just as I again set my clock
   And sleep amidst my own mock!
It’s all again the same old news!
   The ecstatic pandemonium continues!!