Just a phase

a poem by T2M

Verse 1:
I step away
The lights are burning my eyes.
I turn around
Can’t seem to trace my footsteps back.

I’ve gone too far
And there’s just no turning back.
I’m looking up
But I’m bringing myself down

If I can hold myself together
I can live through this.
But if I fall and break another
I’ll never find my pieces.

It’s just a phase…
It may get over soon.
I’ll live and pass…
The waves will rise again.
And if I feel…
Lower than disgrace.
I’ll remind myself…
That it’s just a phase.

Verse 2:
Another day
I’m trapped inside what seems to me
To be the hate
That I’ve never felt for no one

I close my eyes
But their laughter echoes
Inside my ears
And I feel I cannot stop these tears

If I could try and turn away and
Smile away the pain
Maybe I could get up again
And live a life again