I want to…

a poem by Teesha Guliana

I want to soar high,
High above the mountains.

I want to spread,
My wings out wide,
And feel the sun,
Tingling the skin.

I want to run,
On the sand beach,
Making every grain,
Feeling loved.

I want to splash,
And jump into the water.

I want to feel the waves,
Across my feet,
Making me shout,

I want to feel the wind,
Blow the coldly,
And whisper in my ears,
“Be you today!”

I want my hair locks,
To be free today.

To be free,
Of the hair tie,
Which binds them,
And dance with me,
To flee.

To flee away,
And be adventurous,
Be the girl,
I’ve wished.

The girl who’s grounded,
The girl who’s bounded.

Under the sand,
By the hair tie,
Whose wings can still grow.

The girl,
Who can still,