I am in chains

a poem by Jeet

I was not true to myself
Situations were such
I was born free
But was always in chains

What I had, I never cared for
What I did not have
I always earned for…
A greed to have more

I never wanted materialistic gain
All I looked for was love
But never realised I had all
Still the ambition never did halt

I was loved so much
I never acknowledged it
But still I was adored
Though I was not the worth

For me wrong happened
For me all wrong was accepted right
For me accusation was made
For me all right seemed wrong

But never love cease for me
It was showered more on me
Still I stood where I was
Unheard and stone

I am not worthy of love
I longed for the wrong
For I never valued what was true
As I looked always what was untrue

That’s the paradox of my fate
But why blame so, The truth is…
I am not worthy of love
I am not worthy of love