a poem by Mona Mathur

You are lost somewhere in this world
You have lost sight of yourself
You are confused and distressed

But I can see a innocent face
behind this artificial face
I can see a charming person hidden somewhere

When I look into your eyes
I feel them speaking to me
Singing to me some poignant melodies

Your eyes always speak to me
I can see still a glitter of hope
under these dark shades
of sorrow and melancholy

I can see you yearning
for someone close to your heart under your tears
I can see a tender soul
under this mask of resentment
I can see a warm person
trying to fight back his equanimity

In the midst of this storm
I see a calm and cool face
trying to recoup happiness and joy in his life

Under this eccentric face
I can see shower of smiles
craving to spread its magic
to the world drowned in tears

I can see a child in you craving to come out
of your world of restrictions and principles
And opening the doors of joy and happiness
and spreading the fragrance of love multifaceted

Where there is will, there is way
I still have hope
I know you have lost faith
But where there is love there are miracles

Let the days fly off
let darkness hide somewhere
open the doors of sunshine in your life
and you will find me
waiting for you eagerly with open arms