Feelings, at Birth!

a poem by Dhruv Parekh

Out of depth
Out of an abyss
Out of a whirlpool
Hands move slowly
Out of Habit
Splash around as if
Swimming through Air
First time.
Feeling of freedom!

Of tasting the Sound
Like the wind whispering
Against the waters of the Sea
The exclamations and sighs
The sniffles and cries
Of delight
Uttered and Heard
First time.
Feeling of Joy!

Of Tasting the Light
Like sea waves touched
By first rays of sunshine
The very being
Touched by Light.
Warm, glowing and engulfing
First time.
Feeling of belonging!

Of Tasting the Touch
Like sea shore touched
By the waves of a cool contended sea
The very being
In Hands firm sure and soft
Of comfort in arms
First time.
Feeling of security!

Feelings of opening the eyes
Feelings of seeing the smiles
Feelings of a hot tear on cheek
Feelings of an accomplishment
First time.
Feelings, Feelings of being born!