a poem by Gowdhaman M

Fun more to have
Earnestly men born on earth
Every one too rather similar
Long ago too we were men
In the earth so rich
Now and then we look further
Gay and may it last
Still what makes the struggle.

Further we have to move
Every day to remember
Everlasting the memory
Let that be stored
In the human form
Not to forget the good moments
Growing with time
Strength of memory we are.

Feelings to last or to have lost
Earning to live
Everyone in the battle,
Love the ways you see
Into every aspect of life
Not to lead a wrong path
Going in the right way
Sure of furthering life.

Fewer not the births on earth.
Every move causes pain or pleasure
Either way we move
Lately it counts as news.
Is their enough wisdom
Now the time has come
Growth of mankind looks back
Several ways as we see.

Farther to moon man moved
Energy in infinite forms
Every forms too moves
Let not this stop. Tire not.
In fact it does not stop.
Numbering in many forms
Globe is one, stars are many,
Stored the memory of evolution in genes.

Faster we are moving
Ending not the care for mankind
Eradicating the mistakes,
Light leads the way
In the times of darkness
Glorious the science for mankind
Still and forever have
the feel for progress.