Dark Cloud

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

Pinned with hopes and wishes,
still I failed for the confidence I lack;
I bring shame to many,
like a boomerang which doesn’t come back.
Full of weaknesses and defects,
with no spark or light shining;
there are too many abnormalities,
I am a dark cloud with no silver lining.
This was the only thing I was good at,
what I achieved through tribulations and trials;
but now I feel empty and worthless,
like a joke which doesn’t bring smiles.
With the world crashing down like it shouldn’t,
and I am not there to rescue, when I must;
never again you will come to me,
as I am your friend whom you don’t trust.
With so much expectations on my shoulders,
became a disappointment to myself and to you;
it is better you stopped looking on to me,
like a dream which will never come true.