a poem by Punit N Parikh

Staring at the setting sun,
Listening to rustlings of a river,
Alongside with my solitude on a shore,
My heart fills up with emotions,
And these eyes wish to speak out.

Coming up straight from within
Not as a bold array of words
But as a thin stretchable string
Trying to unwind me from burdens.

It all started a few years ago,
When this pen kissed the paper
And wrote a rhyming poetry
Unframed words, misplaced punctuations,
Yet true and close to my heart.

But things soon changed,
Words trying to mimic fake emotions
Following schemes to suit publishers’ tastes
Gathering appreciation from unknown eyes’
But never healing an aching heart.

My words have not always been true
False illusions presented with a delight
I still can’t promise you a divine poetry,
Nor assure that my words will stop your tears
But from now onwards,
They will at least be TRUE.