…and now for a little misogyny

a poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

She rang
complained that she wasn’t feeling well
could I come?
But she had said that so many times before when I arrive
and it’s a long drive,
she is usually ok;
wants to talk about her only daughter and the cruel world.
This time I said no, something wrong with my car.
They rang from the hospital
she had tried to commit suicide
by jumping off the balcony of her two storeys flat,
landed on a car
broke both ankles;
the car, a blue Buick got a deep dent
and the insurers are suing her.
I have been pushing her around for weeks now
I’m sure she can walk with crutches,
but she hates being alone even for five minutes.
A lady in a wheel chair,
was found abandoned
and crying on the middle of a traffic island,
some people can be so callous.

Loneliness is blood
on a rose’s thorn.