a poem by Paromita Bardoloi

as, I am growing,
questions engulfs me…
which always begins with “if”.
If you would have been with us today,
had life been the same…
every daughter is more special to every dad…
Would you have loved me the same way,
even if I had a rainy day.
Would you have been my umbrella…
if I asked you questions…
what would have been your answer.
I often wonder…
if I ever failed in life,
would I still remain your special child.
if you were to be here with us today,
I would have proudly said…
I have always believed you to be a superman, when I was a child.
and even today… I still want to believe.
You are a knight in shining armour
who can fight the dragons and the devils.
Its been 9 years, without you,
I still can’t accept your absence,
because for me like any child
my daddy the best,
my daddy the strongest.
If wishes were horses,
I can have only one wish, if daddy you were with us.
Just like a child I still sing…
up above the world so high,
my papa shines, like a diamond in the sky.