Idle Thoughts

a poem by Christuraj Alex

I will wander like a gypsy seeking wisdom,
I will find it in each little knowledge system;
Each hair of beauty I’ll split like a small atom,
And find their hidden secrets of stratum datum…

The world has wondrous places resembling heaven,
Like Bocas, Ha’apais, Tonga, Ya’mon or Devon;
Sailing by luxury cruisers boats and love yachts,
I’ll make waves and valorous whales, friends of my sports…

Lying on roses, lilies, and hyacinths grand,
I’ll sip the sacred nectar secrete string-like strand;
Like a butterfly or dragonfly, I’ll hover,
Savoring the sharp shrill subtle season-shower…

May my movements like swimming within clouds shallow?
And bathing within seas of heavenly hallow;
May sun and moon, like angels, guard my flimsy way,
May each ray that gleams like thousand lights, idyll-sway…

Milky Way, like grand seas, waters of blessings bring,
May Jays, Buntings, puffins, and pheasants, for me, sing;
Cosmos, like a wind instrument, mingle my voice,
May new heaven and earth in my great joys rejoice…