Daddy Dearest

a poem by Cecelia Melba Aguiar

When I gazed up at the sky last night;
I spotted a star shine extra bright;
And daddy I knew at once… it was you;
Raining blessings on us… like you always do.

For always being there thru our childhood years;
When we stumbled and fell you wiped away our tears;
You were our “Batman” and our “Superman” too;
We needed no other… as we always had you.

We miss the yummy tomato soup… your signature dish;
And the delicious salads you made… with the canned tuna fish;
We miss those exciting adventurous long road trips;
And how we stopped on the way… cooling “neera” to sip.

Daddy we will always be grateful;
For we were truly blessed and glad;
That for so many wonderful years;
We were lucky to have you as our dad;
We miss you so much… with reverence we gaze at heaven and say;
Always love you dad, wishing you a happy Father’s Day !!!