The Lost Path

a poem by Mohamed Nizar

The mighty stars glitters in the dark sky,
Guiding me nowhere n’ keeping me wretched
The rising sun is the only compass
To lead the path ahead
My defiance concluded in the sands of dunes,
Where neither sky spies, nor the wind helps
Miles have been passed till dusk;
With the final drops of wetness evaded for ages (hours)
The scorching sun showered no mercy
The sweltering path n’ the endless sand
None at hand to throw me a dessert;
Lonely in the middle of a desert
The rifted earth maintained its golden silence,
And the wind fluted no messages
“This can’t be true on me”;
For my fate spoke no words of kindness
My tedious legs could no longer bear the burden
And my ears were eager to listen the sand’s whisper
Eyes couldn’t catch up on anything,
Apart from a huge mountain of sand
Making it to the top I felt: “these are my final moments,
I am gonna end up here; end up in the ocean of sand”
A ray of light – a ray of hope:
Flashed in my eyes the brightness of a lamp,
Way ahead on a sandy road
My heart pounded faster than ever,
To make it to the brightness
For any form of life could be there for sure
Neither could I walk nor could I move
My body was in total chaos
I could feel the stars gazing at me,
To make me one of them – perhaps
I couldn’t withstand the affliction anymore;
“It’s time to give up” – I thought
For neither could I walk nor could I move
Hoping to fly I lay in the sand
With all hopes and desires flushed out

In a moment of stillness-
Came down the blessings as rain,
To quench my thirst and that of the sand