Jus’ trippin

a poem by Rishab Shanker

Sticky fingers and stained lips
Telltale signs of numerous trips
Dreamy eyes and dizzy head
I have slithered thru a 100 beds
Love… that’s just not my game.
You start out wanting to escape pain
And somehow end up with the same
Hands been thru a million others
All friends and people I knew
No regrets and no remorse
Just going where the wind blows
Sweet music buzzing in my ears
The only thing thats lasted thru the years
Been there but never done that
Now I don’t have the time to go back to the start
No remorse no regrets
He who gives begets
What is life, what is it all worth
Never cared so never bothered
Life goes on and so do I (another whatever another day)
Its time to roll another one
Time to spread my mind and fly