Emotional hunt of crush

a poem by Amshudharsai K

My dumb Beauvoir had suggested me not to be known
You pulled me towards you
Your glorious cheeks and childish smile like glaciers sliding
Spat me to extroversion

Jaan what’s my mistake
I walked the way you like
I dreamt the position of your dearest

My anger on you mean the love
But not the filter to not let you in

If kick back is your answer
Then it may be a respect
But it can’t be a resolution to my emotional hygiene

I can’t drive you to my love
I can’t let you to hate me

I can turn your swings to the right
I can be the everything you want

I was the broken
I suffered by the moments you made

You had turned me to be the enrichment in social
You had turned me to be the dreams of my dears

I can’t near you
Without your consern

Please be the part of my feeling forever
This is not just my emotional hunt
This is a morphine to my pain