Do you know Me?

a poem by Rama Rayalu K

What is the ‘Change’ you are talking about?
For you, rain splashes dirty water on your clothes
For me, it splashes joy as my fields get wet
For you, traffic is a congestion
For me, the second bus is a rarity
For you, heat is when your body sweats
For me, I sweat because my fields get dry
For you, animals are pets
For me, they are my livelihood
For you, money is change
For me, change is money
For you, soil is dirty
For me, soil gives me food
For you, power cuts deprive you of sleep
For me, I cannot sleep because my fields get deprived of water
For you, time is money
For me, money takes its time
For you, people like you for what you wear
For me, people like me for what I am
For you, father’s name is a burden to live up to
For me, he gave a life of burden to live with
You reap what I sow
I sow what I reap
Let me decide what I want!!!
Let things change for me the way I want.