Deadline Blues

a poem by Sidharth Kumar

The Project Director needed few actors
Oops sorry, few testers or say detractors
Breaking the new system, I guess
For their new project “Corporate Express”
Working hard in parallel are the coders
Yeah, I mean the contemporary developers
The moment of closing time draws near
Sweeping from west is the Deadline air

The thrust on each shoulder
Enough to push away a boulder
Projects flowing in with tagline
Dare not expect offers or you get a fine
Tightly packed schedules always come beyond nine to six
And few late staybacks leaving family members in a fix
But team is building NIIT technology
Evolving from a segregated ethnology

A picturesque moment in any firm
Panic stricken souls to deliver packets in time, that they affirm
Urgency and imperativeness
All become restless
Feelings of tension mounting on several faces

Adding to my woes are my tight braces
Merging and compiling build can, at times be lots of fun
Cuz sometimes I hear in whispers, “Damn it, run, run, run!”

And when build fails
Starts a new phase of sending receiving emails
Rounds of meetings to discuss unbreakable strategies
To err is human only, we all ain’t prodigies
Hey buddy, these ain’t honeymoon times
But heroic times
The steam engine ran only when in pressure
You may not understand this, Mr.Fresher

Scattered files and papers on desks disarrayed
Team members glued to their cubicles, I surveyed
Unshaved beards and receding hairline
Mental confusion more deadly than a bodyline
One fine day, got a chance to leave early
Said I to one of my cab mates, a curly
“Oh, this is how it looks at six these days”
Followed sounds of laughter making an entry in its own ways

Clueless of tracks we listen while working
Engulfed in job would get any eyes drooping
Locking bugs like FIR
Module discourse in cabs than mellifluous music on AIR
Don’t blame the scrutinizer
Just take life as a breezier
Submissively coming on weekends
Predicting project success or failure by a soothsayer condescends

Belief that the new morning will release stress and anxiety
Infusing winning confidence in the clientele society
A motivation that will compel
A desire to accomplish feat will impel
Rome wasn’t built in a day
but tomorrow will be our heyday
All our past experience to profess
Moulding the efforts into a success

Not the pressure that exacerbates
But the tick of clock that irritates
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going
Said someone with no pretense of showing
Tumbling stones across every course
Only after falling down did we bounce back with a force
When all try to lit up fire in smother
All we see is a smoke of satisfaction and commitment we deliver