a poem by Rohit Verma

Bourgeois coupled with poverty
Decay and pus mongering everywhere
Anguish and grudges flowing in ‘Ganga’
Not a sight- that conveys peace
‘Shots’ go on to win an international prize-
In guise of a cause so noble
Literature written to stretch the serenity of the rich
Beyond the fences of ‘smog and clarity’
But humdrum portends an everlasting pauper
Who- dies not- nor can be eliminated
But lives an eternal life
Blessed with pungent ‘mellissa’-
In different face and complexion
Sun shines best on him
Encouraging the fire in stomach and heart
To quench the same old ‘mellissa’ is served-
To eat- to drink- to bath
To suffer an empirical agony… eternally
Determined to improve his plight
‘Jesus’ the mighty-
Embodies one of them-
In an era so materialistic
To die on knees and hands tied behind
Emancipated for any more reincarnation
‘Such fragile look- spellbound the world- was never seen before’
In sweat for Newton’s gravity
And eyes wide open to encompass the eternity.