The guardians of Styx and other stories

a poem by Manu Mahajan

They said don’t stand
And use up the night
We have a plan
Ages of blood and wine
The family of man
Never had a thought in its life.

I didn’t really want the fight
Simple math
Two plus two is five
Every man
Determines his price.

The song was sad
But the words were still all mine
The meat was bland
But the cost was just right
They saw the ageing man
But he was much too young to die.

Now we’re glad
He’s lost the second sight
But watch that hand
Still moves at the speed of light
His smile is back
Dr. Jekyll meet Mr. Hyde.

I went mad
They said toe the line divine,
The cage was slammed
Cause the beast had crossed the line
He looked deadpan
But see the fire in his eyes.