a poem by Swarit Verma

Butterfly o dear butterfly
Where are you?
In the garden
Or in the rock
In the desert
Or in a eco-green pond
At the hills top
Or in the bottom of caring flock

I tries to find you everywhere
But unfortunately couldn’t find you anywhere

These flowers miss you
These trees dreams you
When the sweet nectar
Will pour again
When a melodious song
Sings again

Butterfly o dear butterfly
Have you all been eaten by the birds of prey
For their hunt
Or was eaten by a huge dumb frog
When you was just a Caterpillar
Are you eaten by those gatherers of amazon
Or any body twist you just for fun

Return back, return back
Before its too late, return back

O butterfly I know you are still alive
Just want to hide
In the sides
To protect yourselves from
The demon people
But please don’t trust them
Trusting them is worse than trusting a stone
But I will save at the level of my own

O butterfly
Return back home