a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Twirling thoughts inside my head
Thinking why I am alone in bed
How can you for one more night
Leave me and say that it is all right

I reach for you in the dark
We talked about this in the start
You promised me so much more
But again I stand wandering at the door

Help me to understand this thing
That you have done to me
Help me to go on with life
Help me to stop being your wife

Don’t hold me up on a shelf
And reach for others for your self
Don’t treat me with disrespect
And stick your cheek out for a peck

I am lonely I am tired of your lust
I am tried of asking you another day for your trust
I am a life long commitment to myself
Because you have never really offered me help

But you know one thing you can be sure
I am not going to be a damn fool anymore
I am going to choose our children for my friends
And let you walk on down the road to your end