Twilight Glimpses

a poem by Abraham Oommen

Beckons me the waters fathoms deep
Claps the trees with countless hands
The blue waves sing in thousand tongues
Here am I on the stretch of the beach
With my satchel of wonder, like a child
My feet imprint on the sand bed wet
Momentary tracks of human way!
Sit I, here on the moon blenched sand
Making castles with sand and shells
Transient tasks of childhood dreams
Horizon shimmered with blood red rays
‘Magarib’ prayers echoed in the desert air
Waters laughed at my shadow vague
White teeth on the mossy dark cliff
Manifesting the nature’s fun and wrath
Crescent moon plays with the flirting waves
It creeps on their breasts so vast and naked
Dark waves contest to embrace the shining disc
They bounce up to break the bounds of the sea
But the shadow do they play with, oh!