Tree versus Man

a poem by Rafel Michael

We wish to grow like a tree
And become heavy bodied one
We wish to spread our name
Like branches of the tree in width and length
We wish the fruits of knowledge to hang all over
Our branches of fame without bound or barriers

We wish to share our fruits of knowledge
To all like a tree
We know we cannot eat our fruits that we grow
Like a tree we grow them for others
What we grow we cannot eat
That’s the unwritten rules of nature

It’s the tree who is sweating under the sun
To give us the conformability under its shadow
We feel freshened under its cool breeze
Though we forget after a while its real existence
When we get an axe to fell it down
We are cutting them into pieces
For our timber business

We got two long legs to walk around unlike a tree
Think at once if the tree got two legs
Do they cut us into pieces
Think at once if we are like a tree
We will be worthless tree without any fruits
We cannot shade anyone under the sweating sun
We know the unwritten rules of nature
We obey what our little head orders
The birds don’t want to perch on our heads
They fear their destruction for themselves
One day who knows our little head never orders to destroy their nests

We wish to grow like a tree
But we will never like a tree
We are the destroyer of nature
They are the providers to the whole universe