To whomsoever it may concern

a poem by Suman Dodril

Great Expectations marked the beginning;
of the lone voyage.

Unexpected the hardships and troubles;
that accompany an adventure.

Blinded by the glitter of the goal;
the path seemed to be a feather’s flight.

Now, halfway through, I stand;
looking back on every inch I stumbled.

Finding myself amidst an ocean of sand-dunes;
the sun burning me with all its might.

I feel lonely, really lonely;
helpless, tired and lonely.

My footprints, on sand, are all I see;
heart breaking to see them washed;
by the storms of time;
slowly, but surely.

Shocked and surprised;
a parallel set of footprints;
firm, steady and unshaken by time;
from the very beginning to this lonely moment.

I know not, who these belong to;
but now, I feel a strong sense of security.

I know not, how they stay untouched;
by the harshness of reality and life;
but I feel a strong assurance;
of the presence of a companion;
for the rest of my journey.

I know not, “YOU”, “The one without a face”;
but I Thank You, for being by my side;
all the way, the lonely way.

I know now, I have the heart;
to move on, for you are by my side.

I know, by my side, you will be till the end;
and till the end, I will watch your footprints;
for they, the face of an unknown companion;
remind me, “YOU ARE BY MY SIDE.”