The darkness of sorrow

a poem by Deeksha Marur

Filled with despair and misery
She sat looking blankly at the door
She pleaded for peace and beg for her space
But she got neither
A red blotch of paint trickled down her wrist
But felt no pain
She felt life deceived her;
By not giving her the happiness she wanted

Life never gave what she wanted but in return
Pain, dejection and depression is what she got
She felt helpless and hopeless cos
Life never gave her anything but sorrows
Life, she thought was unfair and full of vain

Her mind clouded by her empty thoughts,
Her walls closing in, on her
Nothing but sorrow, nothing but pain, she felt lonely
Scared of letting light in her life
She sits in the dark corner of her mind
Expressionless and thoughtless
She sat motionless all through

Ignorant and anguished,
Wretchedness and heartache is all she felt
Darkness over shadowed her life,
She felt nothing but pain,
She was cut off from the happiness and excitement in life
She lay thoughtless now,
Still and dead-like

Life for her was vengeful, sorrowful and grievous
All she ever wanted from life was happiness and to be loved
She was torn between her life but never did she speak about it;
Never did she share or speak about what she felt
And never did she ever speak bout what she went through- the darkness of sorrow