a poem by Aastha

Sadness turns to anger
And anger mothers’ pain

Lifelessness leads to loneliness
Attempts to feel alive are so vain

There is an explosion in my head
It collides with the boundaries of my mind

This strange feeling, this chaos
Gives birth to madness, no means to unwind

I shout so loud that I numb all my senses
And I lock myself with miseries, is that a way to live?

Life looses all its glory and all its charms
When you have to search for reasons to live, it becomes a joke

This tide of insanity will wash me down and
And the open wounds the knife of realization shall poke

So wait, and wait and wait and I still wait
The rods are drawn and I am the bait

I shall wait a lifetime, for things I am not sure will come my way
A lifetime I have to wait! A lifetime is a long way from here