My Sweet Brother

a poem by Deepa Dash

I hold a person but as my brother
Who is much greater than all other,
Both in fashion and by nature
Definitely exceeds all other creatures.

I doubt of what is he made,
More than platinum and richly laid.
He is a blue eyed guy and
Fascinates everyone who pass by.

It must have taken hours together for God
To think and make this guy special of all,
Just for a particular work to be done,
May be made this one-piece in the world.

Such great is God almighty who made him,
As a saviour of the world.
To help people in need and deed
And become a powerful person.

He’s powerful for his pride,
He’s praiseworthy and must be given a prize.
If he loves me as his sis truly,
This is the prize, I can give him heartly…

(This poem is dedicated to my sweet brother.)