Longing for past

a poem by Vanlalfaka

One long lonely night,
I sat on roof under moonshine,
Stars twinkled above me,
And girls walked past my hostel,
But girls were strangers to me,
Al it be wished to be with them.
I yawned to relax,
And lost in my dream,
When I was high school boy,
There was a beautiful lass,
She came and asked what her books said,
And I told her all,
Coz she’d my closest one.
The clock turned past,
And leaving behind everything,
To be landed up in Delhi.
I miss her now,
Have to confess,
Of my love but far away,
I wanna turn the clock back,
But the clock turned it a history.
I realized life without love,
Makes me incomplete,
I want her purest heart,
But it’s too late to be hers.